The Brazilian Chemical Engineering Society-ABEQ and the organizing committee have the honor of announcing the XIX National Congress on Bioprocesses (SINAFERM) and the X Symposium on Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Biomass (SHEB). The joint event “XIX SINAFERM - X SHEB” will be held at Bourbon Cataratas Hotel, in Foz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil, from 30 July - 02 August 2013.

Development of Bioprocesses, by its own nature, demands close interaction of professionals with different backgrounds. From this perspective, the National Congress on Bioprocesses (SINAFERM) established itself as a privileged forum that brings together, biannually, the technical-scientific community of the different Bioprocesses sub-areas. Advances on research conducted in Universities, Institutes and Companies are reported and different approaches in addressing the challenges in this field of knowledge are shown. The first edition of SINAFERM was held in Sao Paulo, in 1964. The emergence of the Pro-alcohol Program, in 1975, stimulated a large number of researchers and, consequently, since 1977 the symposium became biannual. The last event was in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, in 2011, with 650 attendees.

The search for alternative sources for the production of biofuels stimulated the birth, in 1983, of the Symposium on Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Biomass (SHEB). This traditional meeting brings together the technical and scientific community interested in developing technologies associated with the use of plant and microbial biomass.

Foz do Iguaçu is a cosmopolitan city where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet each other. Besides a good infrastructure for the congress, it has unforgettable natural beauties – the most striking one is the world-famous Iguassu Falls, located in Iguassu National Park. The lovely Bird Park and Itaipu Binational, the largest hydroelectric plant in the planet in terms of power generation, are other interesting tourist attractions. Bourbon Cataratas is a very nice hotel, with adequate space for the comfort of the attendees.

From 2013 onwards, SINAFERM and SHEB will be conducted jointly. Thus, the Department of Chemical Engineering at Federal University of São Carlos (DEQ / UFSCar), together with the School of Food Engineering at State University of Campinas (FEA / UNICAMP) and the Department of Chemical Engineering at State University of Maringá (DEQ / UEM), as organizers, and the Brazilian Association of Chemical Engineering (ABEQ), as promoter, are pleased to invite you to the joint event “XIX SINAFERM - X SHEB”.